Though several other styles of cigarette holder are perfectly appropriate for smokers of any gender persuasion, with shorter lengths (and often a more masculine heft), these are cigarette holders we have found to be the most popular with the percentage of our clients who might never have worn a little black dress themselves - but quite thoroughly appreciate a woman in one.

In top hat and tails or black leather and denim - a gentleman always smokes with style.
A man lights his lady's cigarette.  A gentleman lights his lady's cigarette first.
A last-century gentleman ashed in his trouser cuffs.  A modern gentleman makes frequent use of the ashtray.
4-6 inch Dinner Length in your choice of colours; Classic Black, Gold, or Platinum     $21.99
A gentleman is a gallant smoker, but never an apologetic smoker.  The former is attractive; the latter absurd.
Telescopic Cigarette Holders  (Standards)
Smoking Etiquette
A Half Dozen Commandments of the Well-Mannered Flame
Formal Meerschaum Cigarette Holder

(The Care and Feeding of Semi Precious Meerschaum - and why you want to smoke with it though you do not yet know that you do.)
Meerschaum Cigarette Holder     $24.99
3.5 inch Specialty Cocktail Length Art Deco  (Standards.)

Strikingly sophisticated, these contemporary Italian Lucite cigarette holders are dashingly elegant with a flair for the dramatic.  (The broad continental grip is a customer favourite.)   $33.99

The gentleman who prefers not to smoke never, but never, disparages the elsewise choice of his lady.
Cocktail Woodtip Cigarette Holders  (Standards)  $21.99

2.5 inch Briar Cigarette Holder, with extra (optional) filters, an alternate mouthpiece and an acrylic carrying case $29.99                                               
3 inch Briar Wood Line Cigarette Holder, with extra Denicotea filters and a carrying case   
David Ross Briar Cigarette Holder
Cigarette Holders for the Gentleman...
Briar 3 inch Filtered Cigarette Holder  (Standards)

Semi-formal 2.5 inch Filtered Cigarette Holders  (Standards)

Ruggedly sophisticated style with the smooth, sweet draw of fine woods, these new additions are customer favourites in-store.
3 inch Burl Wood Line Cigarillo Holder, with extra filters, a single mouthpiece and a fitted acrylic carrying case   (fits 10 mm)

Briar Cigarillo Holder, Filtered
A positively stunning piece for small cigars and cigarillos.  (A perfect fit for the Demi-Tasse, one of our favourites.)  Ring size: 25  
Accepts David Ross replacement filters, found on our Filtered Cigarette Holders page.  $39.99
Our Favourite Cigarette Holders
Our Favourite Cigarette Holders
Our Favourite Cigarette Holders
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