Friend Holder Permanent Series

2.5 inch Permanent Mini with an extra mouthpiece $10.99
3 inch Permanent Classic $15.99
Friend Holders and Filters

This popular Japanese manufacturer offers two filtration systems, a disposable cartridge filter with fibre filler and a permanent filter with a tar trap.  Though there is no perfectly safe smoke, it's important to note that the former filter reduces both nicotine and tar and the latter reduces only tar, though it does so quite effectively.  The permanent filter has a slight flavour advantage though the draw is tighter.  Our cleaning kit may be used on both styles - and is a must for the permanent series.

Friend Replacement Fibre Filters
Box of Twenty 
  • Adhesion Chamber traps tar without affecting flavour
  • High Polymer Fibre further reduces the tar and nicotine content.
4.5 inch "Maxi" Friend Holder, with filters and spare mouthpiece   Shown in Black and Gold, also available in Classic Black and Black and Silver

2.5 inch "Dandy" Friend Holder   $11.99                                    
2 inch "Mini" Friend Holder  $11.99                                               
3 inch "Slender" Friend Holder $13.99                                                           
3 in Friend Holder Slim Ejector  $16.99                                                            
Each Friend filter is fully effective for fifteen to twenty cigarettes.
Our Favourite Cigarette Holders
Our Favourite Cigarette Holders
Our Favourite Cigarette Holders
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